Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pink for October

Being Breast Cancer Awareness month I am reminded of my Granny whom we lost to cancer several years ago. Though she did not have breast cancer, I still think of her each and every time I hear the word "Cancer". I'd like to share a poem I wrote this Spring in memory of my Dear and beloved Granny. I must warn you it's sad....... but sweet!

Silver Threads from a Golden Eagle

Sitting on the front porch combing her long silver hair,
Is a memory of Granny I would like to share.

Many, many times I watched her as she gently combed,
The long silver hairs of her head.
I quietly watched without a word said.

Few loosed hairs would fall to the porch floor,
Carried off by the wind to return no more.

Times past and Granny still combed.
Many hairs now fell and thinness shown.
Years of time had weathered her long brittle hair,
And the side effects of kemo was all to unfair.

There came a time when Granny could no longer be seen,
Cancer had took her so wicked and mean.
It came and broke her and took her away,
It was a dreadfully sad, sad day.

Not long after Granny had passed,
A tiny little nest was found at last.
Hanging in a flower basket just above her chair,
A tiny little bird had found Granny’s long lost hair.

She molded the perfect soft warm bed,
Using the most precious long silver thread.

The little bird left us a true gift from above,
A symbol of Granny’s strength, wisdom and love.
A gift so rare it couldn’t be bought with silver nor gold,
A gift so precious it could never be sold.

Granny left behind so much more than her long silver hair,
She left us with a lifetime of memories to share.
Memories filled with love that is all too rare.

I often wonder if the little bird knew, that her bed was bound with
Silver threads from a Golden Eagle!

In Loving Memory of Granny: Maggie Gullett

Until next time, God Bless.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finally a Blog!

Keepers of the Past
~Day to Day the Country~

Well it's been a long time coming but here it is. I've been planning for months to start a blog but had so much too do. With a three day Fall show, orders, 13 sheep, 1 calf, 2 mini donkeys, 10 ducks, 1 rooster, 1 hen, 1 husband, several cats and of course a few dogs to care for I barely have time to for anything.

Now that the show is over, hubbys back to work and the calf is eating more and taking less of the bottle I have a little extra time to spare.
It's raining out today which is a rarity around here lately. I started off the day by loading up Zoe & Chloe and dropping them off at the Vet to have them spayed. Someone set them out in a cardboard box on one of the hottest days of the summer just below my parents garden........they were so small they could barely get in and out of the box. I felt so sorry for them. I loaded them up in the mule and took them to the barn. They have been there for about 3 months now. They go out with the sheep to graze, clean up the calf and buddy up with the cats. As strange as it is, they all get along great!

Chloe and Zoe after surgery.

After getting the girls settled back in, the rain had subsided and it turned out to be a
beautiful day! Autumn is surely here in Eastern Kentucky....I got out the camera and took some great pics. This one is one of my favorites. I bought this old chair today at an antique shop on the way to the vet's office for $15!

Here is a pic of "Chance". My little red bull that I am raising on a bottle. He was very small and weak when we bought him. He had been took from his mother, run through an auction and it took a toll on his health. When we found him, he could barely stand. He had scours and was in need of some TLC fast. Hubby and I knew it would be a task to care for him but we couldn't bare to leave him in the conditions he was in. So we paid for him and brought him home. I nursed him day and night and we thought we would surely lose him at one point but by some "Chance" he pulled through and is doing great now. It was by chance that we found him and brought him home. He needed a "Chance" to live so we named him Chance. Hope you like this pic.

I have one more photo to share with you today.

Ten Ducks in a Row!

Well thanks for letting me share my day with you! Until next time,