Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Merry Christmas & Happy
New Year!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Snowy Morning Chores

The cold snowy weather here in Eastern Ky didn't make the morning
chores any easier. I bundled up and headed out with camera in hand for
the barn. As soon as the front door slams shut the animals come alive!
The ducks come up the road to greet me while the sheep, donkeys, hen, rooster, cats, dogs and Chance (the little red bull) give out thier morning cry.
Everyone is hungry and ready to be fed. The ducks, sheep and calf have no patience but the little donkeys quietly wait thier turn.
They are the first faces I see every morning and sometimes the last before bedtime. They are all so precious to me and I love them dearly. They have a way of warming the heart, even on the coldest of days.
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chesapeake Bay

Our last day of excitement ended Saturday. We ventured over to the Chesapeake Bay area. We crossed the Chesapeake bridge/tunnel and ate lunch at the Sea Gull pier which overlooks the ocean. Afterwards we went out on the fishing pier and took these pics. I only wish I had a fishing pole and some live bait!
The view was heavenly! Living so far from the ocean.......it was a treat to see the open waters and being a bird lover I fell in love with the sweet little sea gulls.

We heard of a large Antique show being held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center so we decided to check it out as well. It was really nice but I didn't buy a thing. I think I was so overwhelmed I couldn't decide what to buy. It was fun just seeing some really old and unusual things. After the show we headed back to Williamsburg for a quite dinner and to get some rest for the long trip home on Sunday.

I will be adding some new items to the website later this evening. I hope you can stop by and check them out. Back to work for me. Take care!



Monday, November 17, 2008

More Colonial Williamsburg

Here is some pics of more of my favortie shops. Hope you enjoy!

While exploring Colonial Williamsburg we visited many working shops like the blacksmith, cabinet-maker, silversmith, cooper, etc. We also toured many of the historial buildings such as the Courthouse, Printing Office & Bindery, Capitol, the Govenor's Palace and more. Here is a few more pics of some of those places.

We finished off the long day walking in Williamsburg by going over into New Town and watching a movie. We watched Role Models. Very funny movie but the language was a little too harsh. I'd rather seen Appaloosa but unfortunately it wasn't playing. Saturday we head out for the Virginia Beach & Chesapeake Bay. I'll have some pics from there for you tomorrow. Until then, take care!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Colonial Williamsburg Day 2

It's Sunday now and we just got back home. We are snuggled in at home on a cold Kentucky night. We had a wonderful trip.....but it's nice to be home! My first visit was to the barn. I missed the animals so much. They greeted me with much love and with hopes of getting a late night snack!
Sorry, I didn't post anymore while in Williamsburg. We were so tired every night we crashed as soon as we got back to the room.

Anyway, it rained practially all day Thurs. so we didn't go back to Colonial Williamsburg. Instead we went SHOPPING! Mostly visited Antique shops. Boy was that fun! I bought a couple small things. Seen a lot I wanted but most items were not within my budget. We went in the Big Yankee Candle store and it was so beautiful and smelled so wonderful you just wanted to stay there all day.

On Friday we returned to Colonial Williamsburg and walked and seen as much as we possibly could. The atmosphere was so realistic, we felt like we were back in time living in the 1800's. The shops, houses, taverns and people look just like they would back then. My favorite part was the Colonial garden shop. I bought a large bell jar and some flower seeds in the cutest packets. I gave one to Jill my sister and one to my mom. They took care of all the animals and tended to the shop while we were gone so I picked up a few little Thank You gifts for them.

Fresh herbs and Bee Skeps!

Wild Rosehips for sale!

I wanted this so baddd but it wasn't for sale :0(

I hope you enjoyed the garden shop half as much as I did. I will post some more pics tomorrow!




Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Colonial Williamsburg

Well here we are in Colonial Williamsburg! We just came back to our room after an exciting evening in the beautiful and historical town of Williamsburg. After a 500 mile drive from Kentucky we didn't waste much time starting our adventure. We set out right away to explore the beautiful town.

The shops are the greatest. I could have spent a fortune on the old writing papers, powered inks, soaps, bonnets, candles, reproduction clothing, books and cook books! I haven't bought a thing so far. I didn't want to carry it around so we plan on going back tomorrow to see everything we missed today and do some shopping. We ended the evening by taking a guided Tavern Ghost Walk by lantern light through the town. All I can say is OMG! I loved it! Not scary but so much fun!
We will probably venture over to Jamestown and Yorktown tomorrow. And I am dieing to stop at some antique shops we seen. Here are a few pics I took today before dark. I'll try to list some more tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Open House

We just had our Christmas Open House last Saturday at the shop. I worked for two weeks putting up the fresh pine, holly, cedar and hemlock and making new goodies for the shop. Everything looked good and went very well. We served lots of homemade food and candies! Such as: soup beans n cornbread, hamburger dip n chips, pull candy, homemade pay day bars, peanut brittle, refreshments and my favorite snow cocoa from Gooseberry Patch. See recipe below. We also popped fresh popcorn in my nostalgic popcorn machine. Hubby and I will be leaving Wednesday for a getaway to Colonial Williamsburg! Can't wait! I'll post some pics later this week.

Snow Cocoa Recipe

2 c. whipping cream
6 c. milk
1 t. vanilla
12 oz. pkg. white chocolate chips
*Combine all ingredients in slow cooker. Heat on low for 2 to 2 1/2 hrs. or until chocolate is melted and mixture is hot. Stir well to blend.
My new Christmas Flicker Candle.

New Handpainted Candy Cane Tapers

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Apron Book

Friday I went with friends to the Annual Meeting of the Northeast Area Extension Homemakers Association. The meeting was held in Greenup Ky at the Greenbo Lake Resort. I went as a guest. I haven't joined the Homemakers yet......but hope to in the near future.
The guest speaker was EllynAnee Geisel author of THE APRON BOOK. I urge you if you ever have the opportunity to hear her speak.....GO! I promise you will enjoy it. She tells the most amazing stories. I purchased her book and was thrilled to get it signed by EllynAnne. You may have seen an article about her in Country Living, Good Housekeeping, Country Woman or in many other known magazines, tv shows, etc.

If you are looking for a new book.........try it. If you find the time, visit her site. http://www.apronmemories.com/

Until next time, God Bless!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kentucky Road Trip


Hubby and I took a Fall road trip today. We set out fairly early this morning for Mt. Sterling Ky to attend the October Court Days festival. It is a 3-4 day event held each year. Here is a little info. about Court Day taken from their web site.

What is Court Day all about? Well, it has come a long way - some old timers will say "degenerated" - from its original intent and purpose back in Colonial times. Then our American form of government was based on the English County System, brought to this country by the early settlers. One of the system's most important elements was the English Common Law, which was administered throughout the colonies. After the settlers had spread out over the countryside to farms where they were no longer confined to communities or forts, they revived the old English custom of setting aside an annual day on which county officials would sit as a court to adjudicate matters brought before them. This court was served by a sheriff, as in England. And the day designated for the meeting of the court became known as "Court Day".

If you would like to read the entire article follow this link:

Our first stop was at DQ to get a good country breakfast and then we stopped off at a couple antique malls and headed on toward Mt. Sterling. It's a good 2 hour drive for us. We stopped at several yard sales on the way.......and believe me there were plenty. I bought a few things.....nothing special just a few old trinkets. By the time we got there.....the traffic was so congested it was bumper to bumper. It took us 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to the festival parking area. I took this country pic while sitting in traffic. Nothing pleases me more than seeing plowed fields, rolling hills, old barns and farmhouses while traveling. I just love it!

We finally got there and walked and walked and walked. There were antiques, yard sale items, food vendors and peddlers of all sorts. I even saw rabbits, ducks, chickens and puppies for sale. No.....I didn't bring any home but it sure was tempting. I fell in love with some chocolate colored ducks. I bought an old ladder back chair and some old tins. I took a few shots at a couple booths and an old, old country store that is still in operation.

After we left the festival we stopped for pizza (my fav) and headed home. We had a wonderful day with beautiful weather and a safe trip home. It was a perfect autumn day in Kentucky. I hope we have many more to share. Thank you all so much! Cyndi

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pink for October

Being Breast Cancer Awareness month I am reminded of my Granny whom we lost to cancer several years ago. Though she did not have breast cancer, I still think of her each and every time I hear the word "Cancer". I'd like to share a poem I wrote this Spring in memory of my Dear and beloved Granny. I must warn you it's sad....... but sweet!

Silver Threads from a Golden Eagle

Sitting on the front porch combing her long silver hair,
Is a memory of Granny I would like to share.

Many, many times I watched her as she gently combed,
The long silver hairs of her head.
I quietly watched without a word said.

Few loosed hairs would fall to the porch floor,
Carried off by the wind to return no more.

Times past and Granny still combed.
Many hairs now fell and thinness shown.
Years of time had weathered her long brittle hair,
And the side effects of kemo was all to unfair.

There came a time when Granny could no longer be seen,
Cancer had took her so wicked and mean.
It came and broke her and took her away,
It was a dreadfully sad, sad day.

Not long after Granny had passed,
A tiny little nest was found at last.
Hanging in a flower basket just above her chair,
A tiny little bird had found Granny’s long lost hair.

She molded the perfect soft warm bed,
Using the most precious long silver thread.

The little bird left us a true gift from above,
A symbol of Granny’s strength, wisdom and love.
A gift so rare it couldn’t be bought with silver nor gold,
A gift so precious it could never be sold.

Granny left behind so much more than her long silver hair,
She left us with a lifetime of memories to share.
Memories filled with love that is all too rare.

I often wonder if the little bird knew, that her bed was bound with
Silver threads from a Golden Eagle!

In Loving Memory of Granny: Maggie Gullett

Until next time, God Bless.



Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finally a Blog!

Keepers of the Past
~Day to Day life........in the Country~

Well it's been a long time coming but here it is. I've been planning for months to start a blog but had so much too do. With a three day Fall show, orders, 13 sheep, 1 calf, 2 mini donkeys, 10 ducks, 1 rooster, 1 hen, 1 husband, several cats and of course a few dogs to care for I barely have time to for anything.

Now that the show is over, hubbys back to work and the calf is eating more and taking less of the bottle I have a little extra time to spare.
It's raining out today which is a rarity around here lately. I started off the day by loading up Zoe & Chloe and dropping them off at the Vet to have them spayed. Someone set them out in a cardboard box on one of the hottest days of the summer just below my parents garden........they were so small they could barely get in and out of the box. I felt so sorry for them. I loaded them up in the mule and took them to the barn. They have been there for about 3 months now. They go out with the sheep to graze, clean up the calf and buddy up with the cats. As strange as it is, they all get along great!

Chloe and Zoe after surgery.

After getting the girls settled back in, the rain had subsided and it turned out to be a
beautiful day! Autumn is surely here in Eastern Kentucky....I got out the camera and took some great pics. This one is one of my favorites. I bought this old chair today at an antique shop on the way to the vet's office for $15!

Here is a pic of "Chance". My little red bull that I am raising on a bottle. He was very small and weak when we bought him. He had been took from his mother, run through an auction and it took a toll on his health. When we found him, he could barely stand. He had scours and was in need of some TLC fast. Hubby and I knew it would be a task to care for him but we couldn't bare to leave him in the conditions he was in. So we paid for him and brought him home. I nursed him day and night and we thought we would surely lose him at one point but by some "Chance" he pulled through and is doing great now. It was by chance that we found him and brought him home. He needed a "Chance" to live so we named him Chance. Hope you like this pic.

I have one more photo to share with you today.

Ten Ducks in a Row!

Well thanks for letting me share my day with you! Until next time,