Thursday, January 1, 2009

An Old Beginning to a New Year!

It's New Years Day and my family and I started off the new year with an Old Fashion home cooked breakfast.

My dad bought an old wood cook stove last year and he had the best idea of preparing breakfast on it New Year's Day!

Dad started off by heating up the stove with split pieces of oak wood while mom prepared the cured ham meat for frying. Once the stove was ready and the ham hot and frying............the aroma was a mixture of burning oak and cured ham. It brought back memories for Dad, he told us about how grandma would cook for them when he was a child. My niece who is 11 was a bit amazed. I tried to explain to her how the stove worked without electric. I think it was very educational for her and I hope she will always remember it and request we do it more often.

Our meal consisted of: Buttermilk biscuits, cured ham, gravy, red eyed sop, eggs, garlic potatoes, fried apples and homemade grape jelly. I felt so blessed to be gathered around the table with good food, the best family anyone could ask for and the love of God in my heart. I end my new Year's Day with a joyful heart. I hope everyone had a blessed New Year's Day. I'd love to hear how you celebrated the day!


Cured Ham frying in a iron skillet.

Buttermilk biscuits ready to bake!

Baked to perfection! Hubby sneaks one out to give em a try!
After one bite...............he's all smiles :)

Two eggs sunny side up frying on an iron griddle.