Sunday, November 16, 2008

Colonial Williamsburg Day 2

It's Sunday now and we just got back home. We are snuggled in at home on a cold Kentucky night. We had a wonderful trip.....but it's nice to be home! My first visit was to the barn. I missed the animals so much. They greeted me with much love and with hopes of getting a late night snack!
Sorry, I didn't post anymore while in Williamsburg. We were so tired every night we crashed as soon as we got back to the room.

Anyway, it rained practially all day Thurs. so we didn't go back to Colonial Williamsburg. Instead we went SHOPPING! Mostly visited Antique shops. Boy was that fun! I bought a couple small things. Seen a lot I wanted but most items were not within my budget. We went in the Big Yankee Candle store and it was so beautiful and smelled so wonderful you just wanted to stay there all day.

On Friday we returned to Colonial Williamsburg and walked and seen as much as we possibly could. The atmosphere was so realistic, we felt like we were back in time living in the 1800's. The shops, houses, taverns and people look just like they would back then. My favorite part was the Colonial garden shop. I bought a large bell jar and some flower seeds in the cutest packets. I gave one to Jill my sister and one to my mom. They took care of all the animals and tended to the shop while we were gone so I picked up a few little Thank You gifts for them.

Fresh herbs and Bee Skeps!

Wild Rosehips for sale!

I wanted this so baddd but it wasn't for sale :0(

I hope you enjoyed the garden shop half as much as I did. I will post some more pics tomorrow!




Beehind Thyme said...

Oh...My... Goodness! I absolutely love the Garden Shop & ALL the eye candy. I am a TRUE gardener at heart! I love that wheelbarrow w/ the basket also...

Thank you for sharing... I hope to someday visit with you... Seems you really have an eye for primitive & alot of talent.

How awesome it would be to have all those animals... I hope someday to have hens for fresh eggs.

Thank you for stopping in to visit with me... hope to see you again.

Blessings on this November Morn.,Pamela

Cathi said...

I love Williamsburg. Dear Hubby and I went there for our second honeymoon in 1988 and then again 5 years ago. Your pictures are wonderful. I am so ready to go back! Thanks for sharing.