Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Working the Day Away!

Not much going on here right now.......just trying to get the creative juices flowing again. I designed and finished up a few new things today. These have been added to my website. If you care to stop by the link is

It's really cold here and expected to get colder so there's not much else to do other than work. I hope you all are staying warm! Blessings, Cyndi


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love them all especially the bunny all very nice.
Have a wonderful day!

Kath said...

Hi Cyndi!
Oh how cute everything is!!
I love the bunny too!!


The Whites said...

Is stopped by your web site. Everything is so great, I'm sure I'll be back to check it out more thoroughly!


Kathy said...

Adorable rabbit and mouse. Stay warm. Lots of blankets, cocoa and snuggly days are in order.

Beehind Thyme said...

Good Evening...

Goodness... I love ALL the WaRes... You are a VeRy TaLeNTeD PriMiTiVe LaDy... Love your WeBSiTe!

Will be back to visit often.

Hoping you a Wonderful Weekend, Pamela

AnnaSam said...

I love everything also! Great job Cyndi! have a blessed day!