Sunday, July 26, 2009


Today has been a very exciting day! We always have lots of Barn Drama around here but todays drama was definitly out of the ordinary! My jennet Amazing Grace aka Gracie gave birth to her first born foal. I suspected she was carring a little one but had no idea the time was so close.
After Church while at my sister's house which overlooks the donkey pasture I peered out the window and to my surprise I seen the little bundle of joy laying in the pasture with Gracie encouraging her to rise and walk. I was ecstacic! I raced down to get a closer look.
The baby finally nursed and seems to be doing well. I am hoping it is a girl so I can name her Sunday.........but we are pretty sure it's a boy. Which is still terrific either way. I just need a good name for this sweetheart. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Just leave a comment!
I will try to post more pics tomorrow!


mornings322 said...

Oh how cute "he" is. How about the name "Son-day" just with a different spelling. I think it's cute.
Have a great day!


fivef said...

Boy or girl it is so beautiful. isn't new life wonderful. what do you think of the name "SUNDAE" like the ice cream version.

Lisa said...

Awww so sweet! Oh my gosh, I've just been to your shop. As soon as I have some money in paypal I'll probably give it all to you. lol

Jan said...

How sweet! What a wonderful day you had! Isn't new life amazing?!!

Anonymous said...