Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today has been a beautiful sunny day and I took in as much as I could outdoors. Early this morning after feeding the animals I gathered the six white duck eggs shown in pic below.

I thought I would blow them and color them. I had blown brown country hen eggs years ago and still have them displayed in a yelloware bowl in the kitchen.

I started off by washing and drying the eggs and by drilling a small hole in one end of each egg. I then took a small stiff wire and swished it around inside the egg to break the yolk. Then I found a small pipette (disposable oil dropper) and filled it with water and squirted it inside the egg and the inside slowly slipped out. I continued to do this until the egg was completely empty. Once I had done this to all six eggs. I rinsed them inside and out with bleach water and set them upright to drain and dry.

When all that was done......I prepared my dye bath and dipped each egg until I was satisfied with the color. I wanted the blue of a robins egg so I mixed blue and a little green dye in hot (boiled) water and added some vinegar to dye the eggs. Once the eggs again were dry and completely drained........I took them outside and with an old brush and some burnt umber paint I speckled the eggs.

I was very pleased with the outcome! I am so happy my little ducks provided me with such wonderful gifts! This is a great Spring/Easter project that will last for years n years!

Spring Blessings!


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Your eggs look beautiful - but will the duck's miss them??? How long do you think they will last now that they are done?

Diana said...

OHHHH those are GORGEOUS...and I LOVE your Ducks :) I just love Ducks and Geese..:)

Kath said...

Oh I love your eggs!
I used to have ducks, Pekins and Mallards, I miss them :(
Seeing yours makes me want some more!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I think it's so neat that you can just go out and get the eggs to do this project:) They turned out great and of course I just love the color:)

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